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Bible Study on Jesus Christ 4.8

A very complete study on Jesus Christ right in your desktop
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Jesus is one of the most controversial figures in human history. This file is a compilation of the material of the website, which is a very comprehensive study on different aspects of Jesus Christ. In it, you will find information on why Jesus is considered by most Christians not only the Son of God, but God Himself, and where his authority to teach and to forgive sins come from, among many other themes. All this information is supported with the corresponding Biblical quotes, which brings more seriousness to the study. Of course, not all the information will be true for all Christian denominations, but nevertheless it is a rich source of data.

Once you have installed the program in your computer, an icon will appear on your desktop. If you click on it, a web browser window will open, showing the main page of the study. You can navigate through different themes using the links list on the left panel.

If you are a practicing Christian, a scholar or a person interested in the life and deeds of Jesus, this program will prove to be very useful for you.

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